UI Suggestion: Content Editor button in Related Content Control


There is an “Edit All” button in the Content Editor, to open the Related Content Control (otherwise accessible via the Active Assembly Table Editor context menu option in the Content Explorer.) But there is no corresponding button in the Related Control Control to open the Content Editor. I think this would be a good addition, as I frequently decide I want to check and/or edit the fields of a content item having added an item to one of its slots.


You can view/edit a slot item when you click on the pencil in Related Content Control. I guess you’re asking for something different, though.

Thanks, but it is an edit button for the item that “owns” the slots I was suggesting, not the items inside the slots.

But that reminds me, another improvement would be to hide those pencil edit icons for items that you cannot actually edit (because they were created in a different community, they are checked-out by someone else, or they are in a public state.)