UI Suggestion: Retain selection of items while editing


Something we hardly noticed when we had just a few test content items in each folder, but which is increasingly annoying as we add more, is that the main panel of the Content Explorer loses the selection of an item when you save changes to it in the Content Editor. If you move the editor window so that it is alongside, rather than on top of, the Content Explorer window, you can see that the list of items in the current folder is refreshed when you save, leaving no items selected. When you close the Content Editor you have no visible indication of which item you just edited. It is easy to lose track of what you just changed, especially if there are many items with similar names in the same folder. It is difficult to know which item to workflow, or preview to see how your changes look having altered the content. Come to think of it, there should be a Preview button in the Content Editor.

This is in Rhythmyx 6.5.2.


Side note: there is a view for “Recent” as well as “Session” in the CX that should help.

Each shows the items you worked on either recently or during that session (login) respectively.

It does require you to leave the folder, but for the case where you have a big folder and forget what you did, it helps.

Also as user myself, for many cases of doing work with items in large folders, or for cases where I need to work on items spread across many different folders, I will create one “vern’s work” folder under Folders and simply “Copy - As Link” each of the items I want to work on there. Since the items are in both their Site Folders and my personal “Folder Folder” it doesn’t impact publishing at all. I can do some work, leave, come back whenever I want and have a much more convenient location to find my work. Sometimes, if I hadn’t thought to do that ahead of time, I use the “Recent” item list after the fact, and just drag the items from there (i.e. Copy-As Link) into my “Vern’s work” Folder. When my work is done, I just “Remove from folder” every item in my Vern’s Work folder (and/or remove the folder). Removing the items doesn’t delete them from the system, or from their Site Folder locations.

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately we have too many content contributors to teach all of them such advanced tricks.