Unable to publish the server


For some reason, I’m trying to do a full publish, but I get the error message Unable to publish the server SpringfieldCollege.edu. Any ideas as to what might be causing this, or how I might solve the issue?

Thank you,


Hi Brian,

Have you upgraded recently? If so, have you cleared your browser cache after the upgrade?


Hi Jon,

I have not upgraded recently. I actually just went back in and hit publish, and now it’s working. So, great! Any ideas as to what may have caused that?

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi Brian,

Glad to hear it’s resolved. I have seen this before when there was an existing job running when the “publish” button was clicked. Let us know if the issue reoccurs.


Thanks! I had waited for a while before submitting here on the forum… Of course it fixed itself right after posting!