Unused Assets - again

I’m trying again. I have documents that are linked to and Site Impact for that document says otherwise. I was sent a script for unused assets a while ago and it didn’t help.
I consider this to be a big problem. We are in the process of moving the site and application to another server. I really don’t want to bring over, potentially, a thousand PDFs and hundreds of images that are not being used.
I was told this would be worked on, and I never heard another word.
We need an unused assets function.

Hi Lloyd,

The last exchange we had on this it looked like the report was working for you? Is the report not working? It is currently included in the 5.4 release. I can get it pulled into the next 5.3 patch but if the report is not working it would be good to know what the problem is.

Let us know,



Just a follow up. This report is now included in the 5.3 update stream as of the 5315_20181221 patch that was released today.

Thank you Nate. We are currently in our server move project, which Mythilli is helping with.When that’s complete, I will come back to the patch.
Thanks again,