Unused assets tray not working


I’m changing templates and I receive a message stating that I will have unused assets (should be two rich text assets) in the tray but when I try to retrieve them, the unused assets tray is grayed out.


I’ve never seen this. So is the local content gone from the page entirely, as far as you can tell? If you change the page back to the original template, does the content re-appear?

Yes, the local content is completely gone.

I changed the template back to the original template and it re-appears.

Hi Sarah,

I’m testing some cases that would lead to content not migrating properly when changing templates. My initial feeling is there may be some paths we haven’t tested that could lead to this type of behavior.

As I look into this, can you tell me if you’re only seeing this issue changing the template on one page? If so, as a workaround for now, you should be able to open up these assets while they’re visible on your original template, select Tools and then Source Code, and then copy out the code of this asset locally. Once you have the code for both assets, change templates again, and then reserve the process, pasting the code into the appropriate widgets on the updated page.

Let me know if this works. Again, I will look into this further to determine the root cause of the problem here.

I had to change a template on 8 pages and each one, did the same thing where it lost the assets.

Let me know if you need any more info!


I’ve been testing numerous template and local and shared content configurations, and so far everything has been behaving as expected on my end. One thing I have noticed is that this “Content migration …” warning will appear even if there is no true local content on the original page, in which case there will be nothing in the Unused Assets tray after clicking OK.

Sorry if you’ve already thoroughly verified this, but can you double check that these assets are indeed local Rich Text assets, and not – for instance – Title Widgets or Breadcrumb widgets whose content wouldn’t migrate, or template level assets? Additionally, if you could share screenshots of the layout of your original and new templates, this may help me recreate this problem locally. Thanks!

Oooh, there we go! These assets are template level.

Ah, that explains it! Glad we were able to get to the bottom of this one.

Me too! Thank you Nathaniel!!