Update the Bulk Upload Gadget to Not Require Flash

The Bulk Upload Gadget currently requires that users have Flash installed.  It would be better if this did not require a 3rd party plugin to avoid issues with end-user browsers that do not have Flash installed.

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Due to security issues from Adobe, how soon will you guys start implementing the new Bulk Upload gadget that doesn’t rely on Flash? The sooner, the better. Thank you.


Any progress on this? I’ve been receiving emails that some Safari users see this and not want to update flash on their computer.

Hi Aaron,

Flash is still a system requirement for the Bulk Upload gadget.  The feature change is in the backlog but there are several things in front of it, so I don’t anticipate this making the 5.4 release either. 


Thank you for your prompt response. If you don’t mind me asking, what feature change do you have in mind/backlog? Care to share here? :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron,

The most significant effort holding this release is the completion of the security update to replace the JBOSS application server in CM1.  There are other updates but that is the largest / most time consuming update workwise.  Not an exciting visual change, but an important update to the platform. 


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This work has been completed and will be included with the 5.4 release of CM1.