Upload button in insert image area

Whenever you go to insert an image in the WYSIWIG, you have the option to click Upload and upload a picture from there. The issue with this is that it does not upload the file in the right area. I’ve noticed a lot of rogue image files after people have used that button. It would be nice if we could get this fixed or even have the ability to turn this button off in the admin area.

The file/image uploads to the assets folder under uploads. I agree that it would be nice to have a method of choosing the upload destination like in a bulk upload. For now, I’ve been telling users to use bulk upload and I try to clean out the uploads folder daily.

Disabling it would be great. Its like a big red button that says “press me”!!! Users can’t resist its allure.

You can edit the perc_webmgt.packed.css file and set the span.perc-create-new-button to display:none;

But be aware that the button will come back after a CM1 upgrade.

You can tell your IT to preserve specific files before every upgrade. This will save your time.

This feature was designed this way intentionally to make it easier for content contributors to be able upload images on the fly, a feature requested by many content contributors. I have converted this topic into an enhancement idea to allow administrators to have more fine grade control over whether this is available and where it uploads to.  

I don’t mind that the button is there Dan. I just think that the files should go in the folder that they select instead of in the root folder. When I check the root folder, I always see multiples of the file because they can’t find it in their folder, they think it didn’t upload. So they upload it 20 more times. Just a thought.


I agreed with Matt. This pose another problem… we have two different “Sites” - one on our server (unlimited storage) and other on 3rd party server (limited storage). Since it’s on “root folder” and by publishing, it will fill up 3rd party server space pretty quick. This need to be addressed.

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In the rich text widget… If one chooses to upload an image from the insert image - source - upload button it seems to automatically put it in the Assets/uploads/images folder? Is there a way for the user to choose a different Assets folder somewhere in this process?