URGENT: Most of our users cannot login using AD credentials.

We use the AD connector module. Today for no apparent reason, most of the users cannot login using their AD accounts. We’ve never seen this happen before in the seven years I’ve been here.

[li]Not server specific: problem occurs on production, development and staging servers.
[/li][li]Not workstation specific: I can log in using an account, but developers can’t log in on my computer even though we all have the same permissions in Rhythmyx.
[/li][li]Not Java related: We are all running the same Java version, and (as stated above) the issue is not workstation specific.
[/li][li]We have updated our AD service account password, but it made no difference.
[/li][li]We have rebooted our production server, but it made no difference.
[/li][li]We have rebooted affected workstations, but it made no difference.
[/li][li]Local accounts work fine; only AD accounts (not all) are affected.
[/li][li]This is a crisis. Our production environment is currently inaccessible to most users!

I hope that you called Percussion Tech Support? They should be the first in line for production issues of this nature and the forums as a backup ;).

Since this is affecting all your instances, I would say that it is probably a change that was done to the AD. I assume that you have asked if anything was changed?

Make sure that the AD service account is configured (IN AD) so it has login permissions to whatever domain controller you’re configured to use. We’ve had issues with this in the past.

This issue seemed to resolve itself hours later. My best guess is that there was a GPO problem or other glitch in AD which those administrators resolved or AD just cleaned up its own act.