URL View does not show maximum rows returned in Workbench

I wanted to pose this question and get some feedback before making any further moves in how it should be handled. A client was asking to be able to modify the maximum number of rows returned for the view they were making. They were using the URL view and in the Workbench it does not allow the ability to modify the maximum number of rows returned. The standard view, however, allows it. They can go into PSX_SEARCHES and modify the MAXIMUMITEMS column to change this value.

The client feels that this is a bug and needs to be addressed. Is there a reason this is set this way? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I will attach a word document that has some screen shots showing what I talked about above.

View_Comparison.pdf (60.5 KB)


I believe they can add a Result Pager to the Resource to control the results returned in this case. See the topic about the Result Pager in the Workbench Help.


There is also a bug for this: http://bugs/browse/RX-16452 scheduled for Horizon