Use of Folders root?

Hi all,
We are almost near the kick-off of “Getting Started” and I was curious to see how others are using the Folders root (//Folders). What is the ideal usage of this root?

I am also curious of what everyone else is using this for. We just upgrade our dev to 6.7 and I noticed this in the search during our testing.

//Folders can be used to organize content based on a company’s org structure. This allows authors to find their content in one place instead of searching for the content within the site folder structure. Authors can create content within the //Folders area and then ‘copy as link’ into the //Sites area depending on where each content will be housed during delivery. Keep in mind that if content is not copied/moved into the //Sites area, it does not get published.

We’re disallowing usage of //Folders. We’re using a PSO “Smart Preview” that chooses templates based solely on the site definition. This works well for us since our site definitions are not nested, and there’s less maintenance in that we don’t have to worry about the community visibility of templates. We just confirm the site visibility of templates. The by-product of the smart preview is that you can’t preview an item in //Folders.