User JSP pages

Is it as simple as dropping a page into


and then going to the URL


This worked on my development machine but not on the production one. I get a HTTP 500 - NullPointerException.

Is there a setting I need to tweak?

There should be no other configuration required.

Are you sure that your JSP does not reference something that is installed on your dev server but not your prod server?

I tried a simple JSP like

date is <%= new java.util.Date() %>

which worked fine on the development server but threw the null pointer on production.

The permissions are the same on both files.

The full error is

	com.percussion.webdav.PSWebDavRequestFilter.doFilter(Unknown Source)
	com.percussion.servlets.PSSecurityFilter.doFilter(Unknown Source)

As a test, maybe try a jsp page that just says hello world.

Maybe something like:

String hw = “Hello World”;




Just need to determine that the jsp is being compiled on the fly correctly.

Even if I copy the index.jsp from the test directory - so nick.jsp and index.jsp are identical with identical permissions - I get the same error.


-rwxr-x— 1 rhythmyx rhythmyx 409 Oct 15 11:35 index.jsp
-rwxr-x— 1 rhythmyx rhythmyx 409 Oct 28 16:19 nick.jsp

It’s going to be something really obvious, isn’t it!

If you modify index.jsp in the test directory do you see the changes?

Also, I’ve seen sometimes jsp pages are cached. Can you restart the server to flush any cached pages?

I’m not sure I want to try this in case I don’t get the index.jsp page back again.
And - yes - the server was restarted this morning.

JSP pages are compiled on the fly to the AppServer\server\rx\work directory. Try shutting down the server and clearing that directory. Also, be careful when copying jsp files - the timestamp on the file is what is used by the server to determine if it needs to be recompiled.