User permission on templates

It would be nice to give users permission to only see a set of templates, not all of them. Maybe give them roles that allow you section, where different roles can choose different templates.

I like this idea. It would allow some nice control over what access a user has to a folder. Restricting templates to certain sections or folders would be a nice added touch to this idea.

We plan to allow designers to ‘assign’ templates to sections/folders of a site. For example, only the “news” and “level 2 landing page” templates would be assigned to the “news” section of a site, whereas only the “download” and “level 2 landing page” template would be assigned to the “downloads” section of a site.

Would that cover it, or would roles also be needed?

Remember, roles (well admin role for now) cover who can make/change landing pages.

Also, workflow might play a part in this.

For me - this is a very good idea - I have specific templates for specific sites - however - I also have a template that anyone can use (i.e. calendar or form page).

Same here. I’d also like to see user permission on widgets. There are many widgets (flash, iframe, etc.) that we do not want our contributors to have access to, so the ability to limit what widgets they see would be fantastic.

To work around this – I have a folder in the root for scripted Assets. I organize them by department sites, and of course my permissions are placed. I let those that feel they know technology take a HTML test and then give them the sub-title of “Programmer”. Once they have this sub-title I then train them how to manage widgets that I code for their specific websites.

Just a note that some DO have persons only w/permissions to these Assets > but not given permission to edit their actual website.

I section out the types (i.e. navigation, banners, etc…). But for banners, I give permissions to the Slides folder to Editors and Contributors so they can replace images for their banners, using the date/time stamp for timed placement.

This helps keep a division between Assets that are static in nature and are true website assets, such as files/images and of course client side scripting items.

To use, I carve out sections in their design for either me or them to plug in. Their designs are also locked so I have control. My reason is because with so many websites (roughly 180) this is the best way to keep some measure of consistency.

Paul, I’m sure there are cases where being able to define widget permissions would come in handy. That said, keep in mind that, if a region has a widget in it on the template level, you cannot add any additional widgets to this region on the page level.

The point being, if you develop your templates so that they don’t have any empty regions (but instead only empty widgets), your non-admin users (who are unable to access you templates) will not be able to add new widgets to the pages they create. This way you can restrict them to only use the empty widgets you want them to use by adding them on the template level.

@Nathaniel. Thanks that is good to know. However, we won’t always want to restrict them to a single widget for a region. It’s more we just don’t want them adding specific widgets.

The other thing to remember is, for us, we don’t have the head count to fully manage these sites to the level that it sounds like Debbie does. We’ll be having thousands of contributors and even more pages. We’re going to have some more specific templates, but we’re going to have to give them a more or less “blank template” to do allow them more creative reign (not my choice). Our more specific templates we can lock down to single widgets – these templates are going to be provided as “out-of-the-box” so hopefully the majority of contributors will use these, however we’re required to give them a less specific template that they can use and customize more for their liking.

Having individuals able to edit a few templates and create new ones would be really helpful, at large organizations this would allow the admins to not have to sit down and create templates for those people who only have edit permission for a small portion of the site.

Any update on this?

It would be nice if there was a way to only allow certain roles access to the template. We have one template throughout our site and realistically no one but the admins should be able to modify it.

What Scott said about having Admin to modify it…

I figured this post was created two years ago, I was wondering what’s the update on this? Thanks!

Being able to limit what templates are shown could be very helpful. Would reduce errors caused by selecting the incorrect template. I don’t have many users setup yet but I’m sure there curiosity will begin to cause issues with this. Choosing templates not relevant or designed for them.

Good idea!

We are at 167 websites with each having their own individual design, which sits upon the master theme.

Being able to only display their main and sub-page designs would really help and the person whose websites are down past the S’s - would sincerely love it.

Any updates on this. I really want to limit template modifying access to only admin users; at least during our implementation process.

Hello Lloyd,

I think this idea is about controlling what users can choose for templates when creating a page.

If you are asking about who can edit existing templates, this is only allowed for Admin and Designer roles, other default roles like Editor or Contributor cannot edit templates.

If this does not help please let me know.

Thank you Keith. The ‘who can edit’ part is what I wanted to make sure of.

After reviewing this feature for inclusion in the backlog I think this is actually three different changes:

1.) Role based access to sections and Folders
     - As an Admin user I can configure Security on Folders to restrict read / write access to the Folder by role.

2.) Restricted Role based access to Templates.
 - As an admin user I can associate what Roles will not be allowed to use a given template.

  • As a contributor when I create new content all templates will be available by default, if a template has Role restrictions for a Role that I belong to, then that Template will not be visible to be selected.

3.) Restricted templates for a Section or Folder
 - As an admin user I can associate which templates are Restricted within a given folder or section.

  • As a content contributor when I create new content in a section or folder, if a template that I have access to is not allowed to me or my Roles then I see the template in the list, but am unable to select it, (greyed out / disabled). 

This doesn’t cover permission inheritance,  I think that would be a separate feature enhancement. 

Do these use case seem to capture what everyone is looking for out of this feature?


My problem is that I have roughly 200 websites and 1 Editor / up to 3 Contributors for each site.  But - some might be Editors for some sites - while also - being assigned as a Contributor for others (and vica versa).

Under Roles, I have to give them both and there is no indication within each site or assets folder, which role the person has specific to that site.