User Registration


I’m trying to secure a section of our site. I was going to go the user registration route. I have the registration module on a page, but I need to set up a membership confirmation page. Documentation says I can do this in site preferences, but I can’t see where I can configure it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Brian,

This is configured by going to Navigation, selecting your site, clicking on the blue icon wrench in the Home / “Level 1 (Top)” box, and scrolling down and clicking on Membership. Here you will see the “Confirmation page:” setting.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks! Do we need to adjust the tomcat server in any way before this becomes functional, or will it work after I set up the membership sign up and confirmation pages?

I would like to jump in here as well. I am the system admin that usually handles the Administration of our CM1
I have the documentation and am trying to understand what exactly is going on with this Perc Secure Sections file.
Is it asking to connect to our current LDAP? (Active Directory)
If that is the case then I should be creating an OU group for this purpose?
the part that is confusing me is that there is a self registration feature…why would you need to self register if it is already pointing at my LDAP?
In any case I could use some clarification as to what actually is going on in this file.

Hello Brian and Michael,

First I want to confirm we are talking about the instructions on this page:

Configuring Secure Sites/Sections Using CM1 Membership…

This page has two different sets of instructions, where you can

  1. use the “Membership” feature which provides a self-service user account registration process for user authentication - this does NOT require publishing to our DTS/Tomcat web server


  1. use the “Secure Sites/Sections” which provides a way to limit access to a site or section(s) within a site using your existing LDAP directory - this DOES require publishing to our DTS/Tomcat web server

The first set of instructions for Membership, titled “How to configure self-service user account registration”, will be functional after a full publish.

Please let us know if this information helps.


Thanks for the clarification. I think we are trying to get up and running with option 1). I have followed those instructions, but when a user attempts to sign up, nothing appears to happen.

This is the page we have set up:…

Any thoughts as to what might be happening?

Hello Brian,

We should move this over to a support ticket and look at some details from your environment. I will contact you through our ticketing system and get more details.

Thank you,