User sees Java error

I’ve got a user complaining of the following when starting Rhythmyx in Firefox 3.6:


Java Plug-in 1.6.0_18
Using JRE version 1.6.0_18-b07 Java HotSpot™ Client VM
User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\daivd

java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception Initializing applet, 20001: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.
at Source)
at sun.plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$ Source)
at Source)


He has tested his Java installation successfully, and in any case Rx works fine with IE. We’ve tried clearing caches and so on.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

In case this helps, what your seeing appears to be an error message thrown while attempting to parse a DOCTYPE header in an XML or HTML document.

Looking at the decompiled code for the applet class, i’m thinking this could be one of a couple of things:

UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName() could be throwing an error, but if other people are successfully logging in, then this probably isn’t the case.

ms_userInfo = new PSUserInfo(<code base url>) could be throwing the error.

This is a tough question, though, because the entire applet init code is hidden under a try-catch that doesn’t re-throw the original exception, but creates a new one instead. So this exception could be coming from anywhere.

If you can turn on the debug messages and copy out the console messages just prior to this exception, we may be able to see how far into the init method it gets before the exception is raised and thereby narrow down what’s causing the error.

However, I’d recommend having the user switch to IE. I’ve had very very poor results when using any other browser for the Content Explorer, especially when changing communities.

If you really want to spend time on this, though, you can ask Persussion support to add the original exception as a “cause” parameter when creating the new RuntimeException that they throw at the bottom of the init() method. Then, when you install the modified rxcx.jar file, you will get a more detailed stack trace and they can debug with you further.

Thanks for this. The user does have IE available, but prefers FF. As he is a volunteer member rather than staff, I need to work with his preferences if possible.

We have not had the same issues with FF, and I’m trying to understand why he has experienced these. I’d welcome any further responses from anyone who has had relevant experience.

I’ll also try suggesting that the user disable his FF add-ons, just in case.


A couple of things you might try:

  1. Make sure the user’s computer only has 1 JRE installed,
  2. Get rid of all FF add ons,
  3. Flush browser cache AND java cache, restart the browser,
  4. Attempt to log into Rx from the user’s computer using a different Rx user (if it works, then there is probably something wrong with the Rx login info),
  5. Attempt to log into Rx with the current credentials from a different windows profile on the same computer (if it works, then there is something about the windows profile that is causing the problem),
  6. Attempt to log into Rx with the current credentials from an entirely different computer (will rule out the Rx login info as the problem)

If these steps don’t help you narrow the scope enough, I’d recommend submitting a ticket with TS.