User Titles

We currently have the default “User Titles” enabled. This means that users are “Junior Members” unless / until they post 30 times or we give them a custom title.

Administrators and Moderators are exempt from this, of course.

Do we want to change the title scheme, or just remember to give each user the proper title when “Moderating” them?

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but users can change their title. They cannot, however, call themselves “Administrator” or “Moderator” (as those are reserved words).

Do we need to change this, or just leave it as is?

I didn’t really like seeing “junior” as part of my title, and quickly changed it. I wonder if users who have used Rhythmyx for a while wouldn’t like it either. Could we just call people “Member”?

I found a way to change it and have changed all ‘junior members’ to just ‘members’. Great suggestion Jenn!

Wow, I made a difference!