Using rSynch iwth publishing


Does anyone else use the rSynch process to move Rx published files to web and mirror servers? If so, do you have timing issues with the rSynch itself?

Our situation is that we publish from our production Rx server to a local folder. The rSynch process then examines the local folder and transfers any changed files (which is everything in a full publish) to the live web-server. Once that is complete, the rSynch process is repeated for the mirror server. However, the entire rSynch process takes twice as long as the publish to the local folder, which is causing us some problems. At present a full publish takes around 20 minutes max. but the following rSynch processes can take up to 45 minutes.

Ideally I want to reduce the amount of time taken to transfer the published files to both servers (live and mirror), but have limited knowledge about the actual rSynch process myself.

If anyone uses a similar process for publishing and has a more streamlined rSynch process or knows how to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete, I would love to hear how you have done it!


Are you talking about the commercial application rSynch, or are you talking about something usually built-in like rsync on Linux?

What’s the actual command you’re issuing with rsync[h].

How many network hops between src and target servers?

What’s the speed on the wire between src and target? Are we talking 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, 1000BASE-T?

We use a NAS for replication between application and delivery server tiers. 1 application server publishing to a NAS volume that is also mounted on 4 load-balanced delivery servers for public consumption. Thus, we avoid the rsync problem. However, I’m still curious about your issue.

We use rsync over ssh to sync with 3 web servers the NAS option would make sure the files are exactly in sync but is not practical for us as our web servers are physically in different locations.

We run rsync version 2.6.8 with the following options rsync -vrlptD --delete and generally for incremental updates it takes less than a minute to update 3 web servers. We did have some performance issues with a previous version of rsync but it has been fine since updating to this version.

rsync should be bandwidth friendly and only send what has actually changed so for us although our site is over 9Gb it only usually sends around 3Mb of updates. The speed it will take to send the updates does depend on how fast the connection between the Rhythmyx server and your web servers and mirror server is