Using $rx.db.get to include external database content in a Velocity Template.

I was working with a client yesterday and showing them this functionality,and put this quick guide together as it might be useful to some other folks out there.


IncludingDatabaseContentInTemplate.pdf (510 KB)

I think this could be very useful to publish limited amounts of database content in a static way where security is fully maintained and no app tier functionality is needed. General client side scripting components could certainly enable sorting and filtering when the number of records is managable. Clearly, this wouldn’t replace a larger data application, but for certain uses, this method seems to have merit.

Thanks for posting this, Micheal. This will come in handy for me too. I’ve found a few posts where PSO have posted docs like this on the forum; is there a consolidated thread where you folks post these as well? If not, if I just search the forum for anything w/ an attachment could I find all such documents? Just thinking the best way to find all of these so I don’t end up re-inventing the wheel or asking an already answered question.


Never mind, I just saw this was moved to “How Tos”.