Using Transforms to automatically populate field values

We have a Content Type which has a number of fields populated with mostly the same static text with the exception of a single dynamic character. The basic definitions and syntax would be something like this:

html_title (sys_EditBox):        Static Text <Dynamic Text>
file_name (sys_EditBox):         static_file_name<dynamic_text>.ext
drop_down (sys_DropDownSingle):  Single character

To improve the user experience and minimize the need for repetitive data entry we hoped to use transforms in some way to have the sys_EditBox fields (html_title & file_name) hidden and populated automatically based on a concatenation of the static text and the selected value from the drop_down field. For instance:


drop_down = “C”


html_title = “Title C”
file_name = “file_name_c.ext”

It seems like a transform or a combination of transforms could accomplish this task but searching through the available transforms it is not clear which one(s) and at which level (field, input, generic pre- or post-processors, etc.). file_name would need to both concatenate the drop_down value with the static text in addition to converting the drop_down character to lowercase.

Are we on the right track or is there a better method of implementing what we’re trying to do? :confused:

I am not sure about transformers but you can do this using Pre Processors.