v5.7 user login issue

I have a temporary user who I have allocated a username + password in the USERLOGIN table. In the server administrator I added the user to the Admin role and into all the community roles.

When I test the login I can see the content explorer OK and all the assigned roles are showing correctly in the top right box but no community is displayed below the roles. There is no link for me to change community and the Community Content view (left navigation) returns no results.

I have done this task many times before with no problems. What am I missing here?


Since posting this problem I have created some test logins in the USERLOGIN table and added them to a variety of roles and communities. Some fail as before, some work as expected but one, which has Admin role and 1 community role only allows me to login correctly but gives me full access to all content in all communities and allows me to change communities. There does not seem to be any pattern to the failures as I have tested a number of variations plus created 2 users with the same roles and communities (only the login name + password are different) yet 1 fails and 1 works fine.

Could this be a corruption in our Rx install? :confused:

Can anyone assist or should I raise a call with Tech Support?

It sounds like you should contact Tech Support for assistance.