Vertical alignment in Tables

I’ve noticed in the 3.1 update that there is not way to vertically align text in a cell of a table. I’ve had quite a few of my site master’s contact me about that missing.

Hi Matt,

In the new editor, you can select a cell in your table and then, from the Table drop-down menu, edit either the full table’s properties, or the specific cell’s or row’s properties (Cell > Cell properties, or Row > Row Properties), including horizontal text alignment in these latter two menus. I don’t believe their was an option to change the text’s vertical alignment in prior versions.

There is only left, right, middle options in both the Row & Cell properties.

I’ve also noticed that when you have text selected in a cell and then use the Format - Formats - Header - Header(1,2,3,4,5,6), it will not apply that styling to the text in the table.

Hey Matt,

The “valign” TD property has been deprecated in HTML5. The recommended approach is to use the “vertical-align” CSS property. In the scope of the editor, your best option would be to create a custom rule in your CSS file with the desired “vertical-align” property, and then link that rule up to a custom format:

As far as wrapping table text in header tags, I didn’t notice any problems when testing it just now. Note that, in table cells, you don’t actually need to highlight the text; simply select anywhere in a cell, and then select the desired header, and this will wrap the full cell in this header tag.