View Compare Menu Entry

Included in Fast Forward there is a few View Compare menu items, but when I add one to a community the Compare Revisions portion doesn’t work. I was wondering if there is any additional setup required to get this feature to work. I have added sys_siteid as a parameter as well. When I try to use the compare feature, I get a ‘Connection Timed Out’ message, but viewing each revision by itself works just fine. Does anyone out there use this feature?


After reading the post at Stephen’s link, the issue is clearer to me now.



I posted the same issue and currently have a ticket open with Percussion (TAR#: MA-09-03-0083). My issue might be a little different since the comparison seems to be working on my development server and not in production but I am seeing the same symptoms as you are.



After reading the post at Stephen’s link, the issue is clearer to me now.


Yes, my problem is the same as Stephen’s, but I can’t get it to work on my production nor my development server.


We have a view compare issue too, same thing - connection timed out. This happens even when comparing very simple snippets.

Was there a resultion found?

We used to manually type in our port number at the end of our URL, we fixed the issue by removing the port number and doing some redirecting after the login page to go to your installation port. We had to do the forwarding to get the workflows to work correctly.

The resolution for Stephen was similar. Turned out his PROD environment was being redirected through a proxy, which was causing problems. The DEV environment was not, which was why he wasn’t experiencing the problem there.

I recommend verifying there isn’t a proxy or firewall in between the Rx server and the client. Try using the feature directly from the Rx host to see if it works there.

Update: I checked the support database and it seems that this issue was resolved for you in ticket MA-09-08-0042 and your situation was also proxy related.

We also have a ticket open with TS on this (TAR#: MA-09-12-0114). We verified this problem exists both with and without front-end proxy as of February 19, 2010 (6.7.0: patch 16028). We’re currently on patch 16064 and haven’t retested the issue since nothing in that patch seemed relevant to the problem.

Relevance is a matter of perspective. Please apply the patch and test.

If the patch does not address the issue, please let Support know so we can take it back to Engineering.

The problem with our configuration of the proxy server was pointed out, which resolved the issue from the technical support of the out-of-the-box product but we are waiting until we upgrade to 6.7 in our production environment to see if the issue is resolved or if there is a way to work around this problem.