Web Services Proxies in Java


I am writing a Web services-based uploader in Java. I have a requirement to remove relationships from an existing item. In the WSDK document there is mention made of a DeleteContentRelations service, but there is no proxy class for this in the sample code. I thought I might be able to rebuild the proxies as there is mention of this service in the content.wsdl file. I haven’t managed to do this in Eclipse as yet.

So I tried rebuilding the web reference in the corresponding C# project. Again there is no reference to this DeleteContentRelations service. So is this supported in version 6.5.2, or am I just doing something hideously wrong again?




There is a pre-built Java client available in the Code & Snippets forum:


This is just the WSDL run through WSDL2Java and compiled to a Jar.

One question about your application: is this relationship an AA Relationship (that is, you are removing something from a slot) or some other kind of relationship?



what was confusing me is that I thought I would need to pass through a proxy class as in many of the other service requests.

In fact I see now that there is a deleteContentRelations method in the ContentSOAPStub that just takes a list of relationship ids. Don’t think I’m actually missing anything.