WebDAV folder - Community setting

Hi, I’m setting up some WebDAV folders, and wanted to have for example one Images folder available to any community. But in the configuration file for a folder it seems I have to specify a communityid to use to communicate with the server.

Is what I want to do not possible, in other words am I going to have to create a separate images folder for each community?


Also, why on earth would I get this message:

Errors found:

Content type id ‘327’ does not exist in the Rhythmyx Server.

Content type id ‘326’ does not exist in the Rhythmyx Server.

when I do a sys_command=validateconfig when both content type ids 327 and 326 are correct for the content types I want to write to.

Ignore the second question, I just need an answer to the folder vs community issue. And I’d also appreciate some advice on manually setting a required field to a simple text string in the WebDAV config file, simply so I can use my existing content types and not have to create new ones, or change shared field validation settings…


I’m pretty sure that the “Community ID” is mandatory. All Rhythmyx content items have a community, and if you want to upload content to your WebDAV folder, you have to tell the system which Community these items should be in.

Also, I don’t know of any way to set a field value on a content type through WebDAV. You can, of course, use “Input Translation” to set a field value, but this affects the entire content type, not just WebDAV.

Normally, we wind up with separate content types for WebDAV.


I just mapped the displayname PSXPropertyFieldMapping to more then one FieldName where it was a required field and added default values where necessary. Seems fine to use my existing file and image content types. Very cool I must say.

And yes, I see we may want to add such folders for each site and therefore different communities. Need to check what client wants.