WebImageFX - Successful usage?

Has anyone had success using WebImageFX? Noticed a section in the Percussion CM 6.7 manuals; however, I did not see much discussion on the forums.

Looks like WebImageFX is Win32 only. Mac OS X platform will not load the extension. Using a Win32 operating system results in a “No license for WebImageFX control. Please contact Percussion technical support.” message when using the control. Does anyone have any recommended image resizing extensions? Noticed a discussion that mentioned “jMagick.”

I have enabled the control in our test environment. Basically, I set it up and and found too many options for our users so left it for another day.

PSOToolkit uses Java Advanced Imaging (JAI). I agree that the particular interface it gives is fairly spartan, but it does a fair job resizing things. However, it sounds more like you’re trying to give your users an image editor in their browser window… If not, you’re looking for PSOThumbnailGenerator exit