Website Does Not Display On Handheld

When I use my Blackberry to view my website, I noticed XML coding instead of the website design. What do I need to do?


What is the page/url you are trying to view with your blackberry? I wanted to see this behavior myself, and see if I can spot where the wires might be getting crossed…

It is the main page.


I went on your website with 2 different mobile phones.

  • Windows Phone
  • Iphone 5

Both showed the website as it displays on my computer browser (no XML). I asked around I don’t believe anyone here in the office has a blackberry. I am downloading a Blackberry emulator, to see if this displays the site any differently.

Out of curiosity, was the webpage still loading on your phone? Maybe try going to it again, and seeing if it behaves differently.

After I get the blackberry emulator and have some time later I will see if the website has the same behavior you were discussing.


Thank you. Yes, I checked again and still only see the coding.


I found a blackberry emulator online, and went on your homepage. I am not able to recreate the XML you are seeing.

From what I was reading online, it could be due to using a legacy browser on your blackberry. I would suggest personally downloading and trying a different browser like (opera mobile), as suggested by an article I read. I also read that the blackberry browser has CSS turned off by default, so you could check and verify that, this may also help the behavior.

The issue does not seem like it is related to Percussion, since I am not able to recreate this behavior on any other device, or my computer. If you are able to reproduce it on another device, or computer let me know, and I can investigate the issue in more detail.


Thank you I’ll be sure to do this and add it to my troubleshooting log incase anyone else has this issue in the future.