Website Search

Looking for ideas on Website Search on a Particular Content Type data…

I have a Content type A, In which there is a custom field CF, which stores xml version of the content. There are 1000’s of Content items for content type A. All these 1000’s of content items are published as individual html pages in our site fold structure.

My requirement is to Implement an Autofill search functionality on our website, like let’s say Google… , which should pull in the data from the custom field CF(XML format) along with other fields associated in content type A.

Any suggestions?


Paddy, are you referring to Google’s feature that as you type it will update the search results with what matches the current terms/characters in the input field?

If so, you would need to have a public index capable of handling search inquiries and delivering the results in a friendly format that JavaScript can digest (JSON/JSONP).

Percussion can publish to different source types: FTP, SFTP, Database, build your own delivery handler, etc…

Yes, I’m referring to Google’s feature…

Can you elaborate on public index… didn’t quite understand.


By public index I am referring to a service that will consume the targeted data (e.g. your XML files) and build a index. This service would also be listening for incoming requests/search terms. The service would take the provided search term and see which results match. Matching results would be delivered back to the user in the desired format. Google constantly indexes websites and other digital formats. As you type in its search it responds with the best results in its index. Google has a lot of horse power to deliver lightning fast results.

You could check out or Percussion CM System uses Apache Lucene for providing full-text search.