Weird behaviour of sys_pubdate field in News CT


We use the sys_pubdate field in our News CT to publish the date the news article was first published. This field is output to the published News page and to the snippets used in the auto-index archives. See this news story and the corresponding archive page for reference.

What happened today was that this particular news story appeared on our Home page with today’s date as the latest news story. The sys_pubdate field changed from 10 June 2008 to today’s date. Having checked the audit trail, the item had not been edited or transitioned through the workflow since it was first published last year. There was no record in the audit trail of the date change in the field at all. This happens us regularly, about once a month or so, where old news stories suddenly appear as the latest news story because the sys_pubdate field has changed. How it changes and why, I have no idea - it seems to be totally random and has everyone stumped.

Has anyone got any idea of what may be going on? We are using Rx 6.5.2, and although other CTs use the sys_pubdate field it is only the News items that are affected. Needless to say, this is causing problems in that our News stories are very high profile and the latest story is shown on our home page.

Any advice would be welcome as we cannot find any logical reason for this issue.


Maybe one of your users modified something that is linked to from that news page via a slot? The picture of the dolpins maybe? Or one of the external links?