Welcome to the Intersoft Percussion CMS Community

Welcome to the Intersoft Percussion CMS user community website. This site is intended to provide a place where end-users of Percussion CMS products can collaborate with each other, as well as with Intersoft’s partners and staff, to accomplish their goals and desired results with the software.

On the Community you can expect to find:

  • Implementation discussions, examples, and how to’s
  • Product feature requests and discussions
  • Questions, problems, and solutions

This community site includes content from prior iterations of Percussion forums. If you are looking for an old Forum post, or a Community post from last week, you will find that content here.

The community is intended to complement the Support resources available at https://percussionsupport.intsof.com and the Documentation resources available on https://percussioncmshelp.intsof.com in helping you to be successful with Percussion CMS products.