What is a content assembler?

I was reading about the 14 or so different kinds of CMS objects that MSM can package and deploy in the MSM manual, one of them is a Content Assembler. I searched through all the documentation and there are several references to Content Assemblers, but I don’t find anything that says fundamentally what it is and how one is built. Secontly, the MSM manual lists this as a “legacy package type”, implying that one should not expect to be creating new ones, is this true? Any information would be much appreciated.



“Content Assembler” is a legacy term, from versions of Rhythmyx prior to Version 6.0. A Content Assembler was an XML application that served essentially the same purpose that a Template does in Version 6.0 and later. If you use any more recent version, you don’t need to implement Content Assemblers. The reference in the MSM documentation is for systems upgraded from Version 5.71 and earlier that still use Content Assemblers.

Correct. An implementation built on a more “modern” version of Percussion CM System (in other words, Version 6.0 and later) has no need to use Content Assemblers. A Template does all that a Content Assembler used to do, but is much easier to develop.


Thanks RJ!