What is required to publish static files to a remote server using "local" publishing option

Based on this documentation http://help.percussion.com/percussion-cm1/install-setup/network-and-system-configuration/web-server-…, seems like this should be pretty straight-forward. However, I’m having problems publishing out to a remote server using the “local” driver and the “exact path” folder location  option. We have one server working but the person that set it up left the company and I can’t figure out what was done to make it work. What am I missing? Is there anything else required? I just need to publish static html to a remote server from my app server. I’m not concerned about dynamic content at this point. Thanks!

Hello Antonio,

If you are connecting to the remote server by FTP or SFTP you can use the FTP driver setting to tell CM1 which server to publish to, the folder, and the (S)FTP user name and password.

If your CM1 can connect to the remote server’s file system using a UNC or NFS mounted file system, then you can use the ‘local’ driver to point to that “local” filesystem on the CM1 server.

There is more here that might be helpful:


If this does not help let us know!  If needed we can set up a support ticket to discuss the exact server connection settings.


Thanks Keith,

Yeah, I’m using a remote UNC path and formatting it like \xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\inetpub\wwwroot\testsite

I reviewed the page you referenced and I am still missing one piece somewhere. I’m sure it’s an obvious one, I just can’t figure it out. If you don’t mind, I’d like to discuss the exact server connection settings. I will open a support ticket. Thanks again!

Figured it out, looks like it was a matter of getting my permissions set up correctly for the folder location I was writing to.