What is the "business publisher"?

On 6.6 the java docs for IPSPublisherService reference several methods that have been deprecated or disabled with the following: “Deprecated. this has been disabled, use the business publisher instead”. What is this “business publisher”?

Also looking at publish.jsp (ui/publishing/) provided with 6.6, it is using several classes that appear to not have any associated javadocs (at least not in the “normal location”). Classes of note (which would be really nice to see docs for) are:


Are there any javadocs associated with those classes?

I appears that the documentation for 6.7 has the necessary classes shown.

These same classes are available in 6.6.1 (with patches).

There are some differences between the original 6.6 distribution (and the unpatched 6.6.1 system) and the patched 6.6.1 (and 6.7) systems.

Since there shouldn’t be anybody using an unpatched 6.6 or 6.6.1 system, I don’t think this is a problem.