What is the difference between purge vs remove item from folder?

What is the difference between ‘purge’ and ‘remove from folder’ in the content explorer?

If you purge an item it is removed from the repository. If you remove an item from a folder, it still exists in Rhythmyx, but is no longer in that folder.

One significance of the difference is that removed items will continue to show up in searches, while purged items aren’t supposed to. If content creators keep saying, “Oh, never mind. I don’t need that article. I’ll just remove it,” then ‘content reuse’ starts to resemble wading through a junkyard - you have to step over and around everything that has ever been thrown out. On the other hand, if content creators keep saying, “Well, I don’t need that anymore. I don’t care if anybody else does, so I’ll purge it,” then ‘content reuse’ starts to break down because somebody has just erased the content I was planning to use.

If you open up purging too far (as we had done in our attempt to simulate, as far as possible, a super-user account) it will delete items but leave the relationship to the folder behind. This will cause error messages when you view the folder, and will break all autoslots that contain JSR-170 queries which use jcr:path in the WHERE clause. We have raised this with our local technical support.

And so what’s the difference between “remove” and “force remove”?

We came across that recently. One of our testers got a message saying he had to “force remove” because the item he had tried to remove from folder had relationships with other items. We found that the Force_Delete menu entry was disabled/hidden (via Object ACL - right-click on it in UI Elements Design tab and select Security.) Checking back on a system left unmodified since installing Rhythmyx 6.5.2, we think that it has been disabled/hidden since installation. Enabling it caused problems (my colleague, who isn’t here at the moment, would know more) so we disabled it again. I assume it is something Percussion couldn’t get to work right at the time of release.



Can Percussion answer what’s the difference between “remove” and “force remove” please?


When using the Remove from Folder option, any Content Item involved in a cross-site link (whether as Owner or Dependent) will be skipped.

To remove Content Items involved in cross-site links, you must use the Remove from Folder option.

The topic “Removing Content from a Folder” has been updated to clarify the usage of these two options. The updated documentation will be included in the next release of Percussion CM System.