What's the best way to position my two widgets next to each other (horizontal) within a single region (using a responsive template?)

I’m new to CSS and was hoping there’s a way to use CM1 to position regions and widgets?

Hi Nick,

The easiest way to do this is to lace two regions side by side with in one larger region. This is simple. While editing the template and while in the layout tab click and drag the add region button to the side of a existing region on the template.

Tip: in order to get two regions side by side you they must both be with in their own region.

Another option you have is doing this manually using the Css Float property. While editing the template and while in the Style tab click on your widgets, then click on the wrench icon to edit the style settings of the widget.

Last click to open “Overide Theme Css”
add in the following css rulse
.“your widgets class name” { float:leftl;}

It turns out most of my troubles were from starting from a plain responsive template. Just couldn’t get things working right. I’m able to do what I need with the banded responsive template (adding and removing where necessary.) Thanks for the help.