When I publish pages I get a "Error when executing method: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found" error

I realize there are posts similar to this one on the site, but they don’t seem to match the problem that I’m having. Many time when there is only a single page to publish I will use the Publish option in the page editing window. this has always worked up to now, but when I came back to work after the weekend I started getting the following error when doing this:

Error for metadataEndpoint: perc-metadata-services/indexer/entry, Item: 74,101,070,764,414, jobId: 2,951, location: /test/index-copy, contentType: text/html;charset=UTF-8, length: 39,684 caused by unknown error: Error when executing method: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

The content seems to publish to our website, but the pages continue to be listed as “Pending” until I do a site publish on the CM1 server, at which point everything is listed as it should be. It also doesn’t just affect landing pages like in another post, but any page regardless of type or location. There have been no changes made to either our CM1 server or our webserver, so I don’t know why this is suddenly happening now. While things seem to be working for now, I’m concerned that they’ll stop working completely. I’m also concerned that the situation will cause confusion among our users if they see that all of their pages are marked as Pending instead of Live, although I’m continuing to perform site publishes to the CM1 server as necessarry. Any help you can provide would be appreciated, thanks.

Is your DTS service running?
Sounds like an issue I had before where Percussion service was running but the Percussion DTS was not.

We’re not using the Tomcat DTS. We have a seperate Apache 2.4 server we’ve been using without issues unitl now.

Ok, sorry and good luck.

Hi Jacob,

I’m going to take this one offline and create a support portal ticket for you. Please be on the lookout in your email!