Where to set "sys_filterByPublishingFlag"?

I see that it says that you can pass a comma separated list of the acceptable publishing flags, but I don’t know where you need to put this list? Do you just add this to the parameters under “Command” on each of the preview menus or is there a different place that you need modify this list?

Also just to verify, this is where I will be able to change which items are previewed, correct? I am trying to remove archived items from showing up in previews.

That’s part of the Item Filter. Go into Workbench / Assembly Design / Item Filters / <whatever filter you are working on>. Open it, and you’ll see all the filter rules under “Rules:”. One of them should be sys_filterByPublishingFlag (unless you are working on a filter which doesn’t use this, like “preview”). If you click on sys_filterByPublishingFlag, the little “…” button should appear next to the rule name. Click on that and the “Extension Parameters” dialog will pop up. Finally, you’ll see a parameter called “sys_flagValues” and that’s where you can put in your publishing flags. I just had to ferret this one out myself.