Which HTML 5 elements are not supported in v3.3.4?

I was told during one of our initial calls with the Percussion folks that not all HTML 5 elements are supported in Percussion. Is there a list somewhere or has anyone identified any specific tags that cause issues?

So far I’ve used , , , and and haven’t encountered any problems. If these all work I should be good.


In an HTML widget, you can insert HTML5 tags with no problem. In a Rich Text widget, there are a few that aren’t supported. You can see the list here:

HTML5 in Rich text Assets

Thanks. It seems that this is mainly an issue with the Tiny MCE editor and not necessarily a Percussion limitation. If that is correct I should be able to do pretty much anything at the template level.

The main restriction we currently have is that at the template level, regions = divs. Currently there is no way for a region to be any other type of HTML5 structural element such as nav, sidebar, header, etc. We are working on an enhancement for Q1 2014 that would allow you to designate a region as either a div or an HTML5 structural element. Does that make sense?

Understood. Thank you.