Why can't i add a region that floats to the right of an existing one?

I have a div/container with one region in it (column). I want to add another region that floats to the right of it but it gets pushed under the current region. I can add a region above it, on the left and below it. Spacing is not an issue based on the CSS and Firebug.

Thank you

Hi Debbie,

The first thing to check, based on the fact that you can add a region to the left of your existing region without this float-drop issue, is if you have a “clear: right;” CSS property applied to your existing region.

Hi Nathaniel,

No, I don’t have a “clear:right” property applied. I just realized that one of the widgets in that region is the offender…looking closer at that right now…

Debbie, to confirm, you’re seeing this float drop issue while previewing the page, correct? I just want to be sure you’re not encountering this problem while in the Layout tab, because regions in the Layout tab have extra padding added to them in order to allow for easier widget placement, etc.