Why do IE 8 and Firefox 6 browser have issue logging into CM1 community site recently?

Recently, when trying to log in CM1 community site at https://community.percussion.com using browser other than Chrome, it doesn’t allow me to do so.

For IE 8 browser, I use the correct user credential to log in. When I click Submit, it runs but immediately returns to the original login screen with no change. I click a few times and it doesn’t help.

For Firefox 6 browser, it shows certificate error. Please see attached screenshot.

Hi Eric,

I’m not having any trouble with IE8 on my end. This might be configuration issue with your browsers. Do you have advanced security features enable for either browser? In IE, try navigating through Tools > Internet Options > Security and set the security level down to Medium for the internet. Let me know if this makes a difference.

Hi Nathaniel,

The security level of the browser is set to Medium by default.

After further investigation, we find that if I unchecked TLS1.0 from the Advanced Optons, it works!

However, it still have issues for Firefox which displayed CM1 community site very strangely. Please see attached screenshot.

Hi Eric,

Are you running Firefox version 6? If so, I believe Mozilla has stopped supporting that version almost two years ago. Please try upgrading to the latest version and let me know if the issue persists. Thanks!

Thanks Nathaniel! You pinpointed the root cause :slight_smile: