Why don't ALL hyperlinks appear in normal html format instead of a nonsensical tag that includes ".../Rhythmyx/assembler/...."?

When editing a page or shared rich-text asset, I expect and need to be able to select a current hyperlink in the editor, click on the “link” icon and see exactly what it’s linking to. But that’s not always the case and what I do see is ANY one of the following:

  1. The actual filename of the asset or page (which is good)

  2. An extremely long link that I can’t understand (…)

  3. A blank link field (but there is definitely a link so I have no idea what it is)

Is there some sort of setting that can make all links appear as in the 1st case above?


Hi Debbie,

The Link URL for links created in the RTE will appear as the long “…Rhythmyx/assembler…” URL if the link is a managed system link, which is what you want most links to be, so that moving or renaming pages and assets wont break links. Otherwise it’ll just be a static URL that was entered manually, and won’t automatically update.

The Title for managed links to pages should pick up that page’s title. For managed links to assets, it should pick up the asset’s file-name. For anchor links or external links, there will be no title, but it should be clear from the Link URL what is being linked to.

There was an Idea posted recently requesting that this “Insert / edit link” menu more clearly outline what is being linked to. Please feel free to like this idea and reply to it here to lend your support:


Hi Nathaniel,

So we are having to convert most of the RT assets/widgets to HTML version in order to move forward with the upgrade (because we have JS code that will be stripped out of the new RTE).

I just converted a sitemap footer asset that included many managed links into an html asset, but the managed links are not working properly and the following is what I see when I click on the of the managed links . Do I need to go back and manually relink them all? I’m hoping that you can guide me to a way around this. Thanks.

Hey Debbie,

Can you share with me the code you have in your HTML widget so I can see what might be going wrong here?

Be sure to wrap the code in tags like this so that everything is preserved:

 Code goes here. 


Here’s all the code from the RT widget that I just pasted as is into the html widget:





 - About the  
Ticket Program
 - [Overview]( "About Ticket to Work")
 - [How It Works]( "How It Works")  

   - [Making Progress]( "Making Progress")

 - [Work Incentives]( "Work Incentives")
 - [Schedule A]( "Schedule A")
 - [FAQs]( "Frequently Asked Questions")
 - [Success Stories]( "Success Stories")
 - [Additional Government Resources]( "About Ticket to Work")




 - Find Help
 - [Search for Help](/resource/jsp/searchByState.jsp "Search for Help")
 - [EN Profile](/enreport/jsp/ensearch.jsp "EN Profile")




 - WISE Webinars
 - [WISE Registration](/wise/jsp/wise.jsp "WISE Registration")
 - [WISE Videos](http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/edi/m-wise-webinars.cfm)




 - Blog
 - [Choose Work Blog](/blog/jsp/bloglist.jsp)




 - Library
 - [Ticket to Work Documents]( "Document Libary")
 - [Forms and Publications (Social Security Work Site)](http://ssa.gov/work/formsandpubs.html "Forms and Publications")




 - Contact Us
 - [Contact Information]( "Contact Us")
 - [Sign Up for Email Updates](/signup/jsp/signup.jsp "Email Updates")




I just had the exact same thing happen to another RT widget and copied the following code over to a new html widget. The FAQ link is the only managed one here:




- Connect with Us
- Call 1-866-968-7842(V)  
M - F 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST
- [Sign Up for Email Updates](/signup/jsp/signup.jsp)
- [Frequently Asked Questions]( "Frequently Asked Questions")
- [Become a Fan on Facebook!](http://www.facebook.com/choosework)
- [Send Us a Message](mailto:support@chooseworkttw.net)




Hi Debbie,

This won’t be the answer you’re hoping for and I apologize in advance, but the HTML widget does not support the Rich Text widget’s method for creating managed links, and that’s why these links are throwing errors. You’ll need to recreate your links in this manner:

  1. Select the page you’re linking to in the Finder and copy out the full CM1 path to the page (e.g. “/Sites/Sample/folder-name/page-name”)

  2. Use the copied path for the anchor tag’s HREF attribute (replacing the “…Rhythmyx/assembler…” URL)

  3. Add in a perc-managed=“true” attribute to the anchor tag, and then save the widget.

Further instructions can be found here:


The one upside to recreating your links in this manner is that these types of managed links will work in the RT as well as the HTML widget, so once we have the onClick bug fixed in our next release, you will be able to seamlessly convert these widgets back to Rich Text widgets using the convert to Rich Text function in the Layout tab.


It seems like the support for managed links in html widget is added after 2.13. Can you confirm that? If so, does it mean we have to use static links in html widget in prior versions?

Also, as for the RT editor, I notice the ‘Insert/edit link’ function regenerates the existing link thus removes some of the attributes. For example, I have a link < a href="…" class=“xxx” rel=“shadowbox”>. Updating the link using ‘Insert/edit link’ button would cause the class and rel attributes being removed. Do you think this will also be fixed in the new version?


Hi Zhao,

Yes, that is correct, manged links in the HTML widget were introduced in version 2.13, and prior to that you would have to use static links.

When you relink an existing link in the RTE, it will overwrite some attributes (such as “rel”), but it should preserve classes and IDs. Can you confirm that the editor is in fact overwriting classes and IDs, and if so, can you tell me what version of Percussion you’re running? Thanks.

Yes, classes and IDs are overwritten by RTE. Our current version is 2.10. We will upgrade to 3.1.5 soon and I will let you know if it is the same.

Hi Zhao,

I believe your version of the product doesn’t have this enhancement. Let me know if upgrading to the latest version corrects this for you.