Why has all my page level content disappeared?

Percussion no longer shows my page level content. I can see the pages live on the website, but in Percussion these same pages are blank. I ran a publish last night, so I know the blank pages are not accurate. Has anyone else had this issue? How do I fix it?

I found the source of the issue. Now how do I fix it? I was editing this page -
For some reason it wouldn’t let me edit the text box on the page level. So I added a new rich text widget on the template level, because of course it wouldn’t let me add it on the page level, then I switched back to the page level and entered the the text there. The problem was, it still wouldn’t let me remove the old incorrect text. I went to the template level and tried to edit the text but again it was locked, So, I deleted it seeing that as my only option. Apparently when I deleted that box I effectively deleted the text box on every page for that template, even though I’d added another blank rich text widget to take it’s place. This rendered the main section of these pages blank. There is now just an empty rich text widget on every page. What are my options to get this back? None of the blank pages are published live yet.

Hi John,

I am going to take this issue offline, you should be receiving an email notification shortly.


Thanks Jon

To tie this off on the community, John was able to leverage our unused assets tray after the deletion of a widget on the template level. By dragging and dropping the content directly into the replaced widget he is able to get his pages back to where they were. For future viewers of this thread he is planning on utilizing our Named Widgets functionality. This means that for his templates if he accidentally deletes a widget he names. If he replaces and renames the widget with the previous name, the content will automatically repopulate into the correct widget.

Thanks for the help guys!