Why my Global Template wasn't applied on Rhythmx 6.1

I created a new Global Template but for certain reason the template can not be applied. Does anyone know what was going on? The following is what I did.

  1. Created the following global template.

     <meta content="Percussion Rhythmyx" name="generator"/>
	 <meta template="weikai" name="weikai"/>
      <title>Title Goes Here</title>
## This is a basic example of a global template. This example is simplistic
## and places the breadcrumbs immediately with the inner content. In implementing
## a completed global template you will probably wish to add sectional images
<h1>Test Template</h1>
<table border="1">
## The sectional image could go in this first table cell  
  	  <td>#slot("nav_top" "" "" "" "" "template=vel_top_nav")</td>
     <td>#slot("nav_left" "" "" "" "" "template=vel_left_nav")</td>
     <td>#slot("nav_breadcrumb" "" "" "" "" "template=vel_nav_breadcrumbs")

  1. Under Publishing tab on Site property I chose Test_Global_Template
  2. In Content explore under site property I chose the same template Test_Global_Template
  3. Right click on a basic page and selected preview -> basic on the popup menu. Unfortunately the global template wasn’t applied on the preview page.
  1. exactly which “Preview” did you use? The basic preview doesn’t set the site id, and so it never displays a global template at all. Try using one of the site specific previews, or build a site specific preview for your test site.

  2. In 6.x Managed Nav, there is only 1 “Nav” slot (named rffNav by default), you use this one name, and not different slot for each template as you did in Rhythmyx 5.x

  3. Try setting one page template to use a Specific global template instead of the default global template. Then preview this template. If that works you can move on to why your new global template is not the default global template.

I did built a site specify preview “HHS Preview” but it game me a same result as default preview, no global template was applied. I have build page templates as well. Its fine when I preview it but when I publish it, no template was applied either. Any idea what else could cause the problem?


There are only a limited number of things that can go wrong in a global template. Here’s a good systematic checklist.

Assuming that there is no Global template (as opposed to the wrong global template).

  1. Preview the page template, and switch to “debug” mode (replace “render” with “debug” in the URL)

  2. Verify that the both Site ID and Folder ID parameters appear in the Parameters section of the debug page, and that these IDs refer to the correct site and folder (Hint: use the Object Sorter in the Workbench: the ID will show up as a 3 part number, 0-9-303 refers to site 303).

  3. Open the Page Template in the Workbench. Verify that the “Global Template” is set to default.

  4. Open the Site definition, verify that there is a Global Template defined, and that it matches the Name (not the Label) of the desired global template. Also verify that there is a Site Root folder, and that this path matches an actual folder.

  5. Verify that the folder is a descendant of the Site Root folder.

If the wrong Global Template appears, you also need to

  1. In the Content Explorer, examine the properties of each folder. Make sure
    that the “Global Template” is set to “use default”.

This is about all the advice I can give on the subject.