Widget Builder Feedback - Identify Widgets on Templates

When one adds a custom widget to a template in the layout screen, the widget placeholder box simply says “This widget is empty”. This give the user no indication of what type of widget it is. Could it at least show the widget name in the box? Additionally I’d like the option to give a custom widget a custom icon image, which would help identity the type of widget…

see attachment

Just wanted to reiterate how I’d like to see this feature for custom widgets included in upcoming releases. really I’d rather have an option of customizing what text is displayed when a custom widget is empty. this would allow for better and more specific direction to the contributor on what goes into the empty custom widget.

Paul, I would love to see this as well. I know this came up during the beta, and I think we all agreed that this would be a very natural addition to the WBs core functionality.