Widget Configuration height issue

I know I have reported this issue thru tech support over a year ago but I figured I’d share with the rest of the people here. When you have many custom widgets - over 30 so far (most are popular according to my clients) but when it comes to that is no longer popular or is not accessible-friendly or have newer plugin, I unticked the old one. 

As the list gets longer, it is cut off from Widget Configuration. The only solution is to use Web Inspector to increase the height. I do not want to do that each time. Please make it auto-height if the widgets are added. I hoped this will be resolved in 5.3 update. Thank you.


We don’t plan to fix this.  With the planned changes for Allowed Widgets on Roles, we will likely be removing this Gadget from the system. 


Will that be part of 5.3 or do you have screenshot of what it looked like? Thanks.

For a complete list of what is in 5.3 you can read the release notes here.  We don’t have the mocks yet but you will see an option on the Roles tab in Administration to set the Allowed Widgets for the Role.  One of the requirements for the UI element is that it needs to be able to handle any number of widgets.