Widget Creation Improvements

I’ve been wanting to use the widget creator but find it very limiting in features.  It would be nice if you could make some massive changes.

  1. Allow the ability for people to code them outside any Percussion product (advance users) like what you can do with WordPress

  2. Allow novice users to be able to use your creator built into the system.
    It would also be nice if we had the options for the following things:

  3. Ability to add “description” text to the widget to explain to the users what needs to go where.

  4. Ability to add a checkbox/radio button.

  5. Ability to see what page(s) an “active” widget belongs to.
    I’m sure other people will have some additional ideas for the Widgets area.

A vast improvement would allow us to develop widgets in our typical web editor without having to use a special application to do it.

I also forgot that it would be nice to be able to mark your input type as required or not.  Everyone of them being marked as required is a pain.


I agreed about #1 #2 and #3 - these are most requestsed

Hi Matt, I typically use “Bluefish” or “Atom” to develop and test custom jquery and .js widgets and then set them up in Percussion. I have found that you can do just about anything you want to do, if you think it through and are familiar with Percussion CM1.  There is more than one way to accomplish something.  For instance, you can place Javascript calls inside the Meta Data area, inside the .js path of the widget, and/or inside another separate HTML widget on the same page. When a page is published, it becomes a “mash”. Keeping that in mind, you can also view web source of a published widget, make alterations to it and re-paste it back into an empty HTML widget.