Will deleting content from a copied template cause the original content to be deleted from original template as well?

I’m fairly new to CM1, bare with me. If i copy an existing template that has content (widgets) on it at the template level and rename the new template. Then delete existing content from new (copied) template, will that content be deleted from the original template as well?

Hi John

Technically the content from the original template shouldn’t be deleted. May I know the version of CM1 in which you are experiencing this issue?

CM1 5.1.5

Is this issue consistent with other templates as well or just that template only?

Its not an issue, more of a question. Before i begin deleting items i do not need on the copied template, then come to realize the original template items are gone also. 

The Percussion documentation is not all that clear.

The original content shouldn’t be deleted for sure unless something trickled down to it while deleting the original template.

Thank you!