Windows 7 (and 64-bit) - your thoughts?

We’re planning now to add formal support for Windows 7 64-bit into the road map (whether this requires a point release or not is still tbd). Any feedback on your adoption time lines and/or other options you all are seeing would be helpful.

One example, we don’t see much value in supporting Windows 7 server in 32-bit mode. Agree?

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P.S. Feel free to discuss Windows 7 in general.

It would be good to add the support for any 64-bit OS. At this time - Workbench is not working at all in 64-bit OS (with 64 or 32-bit JVM)
As for the point release - it may be not worth it. Would be great if you release it as a patch for eclipse plugin.
As far as I see - people are jumping at Windows 7 whereever I go, upgrading from XP (bypassing Vista at all cost) without looking back - so the adoption rate looks to me pretty high.
Mike Buchkovsky

We have upgraded to Windows 7 - 64 bit and are doing this company wide. Just found this thread and would like to see more info on this.
After reinstalled Percussion CM System 6.5, I have been able to continue to work on the Rhythmyx templates in our development environment.

Are there any known issues with Workbench or MSM with Win 7?
Is Percussion Cm System supporting Win 7 - 64 bit?