Workbench Suggestion: Slots subfolder in content types


Slots are not directly assigned to content types. Rather they are associated with templates which then are associated with content types. But it would be useful if you could view a list of all the slots that a user might be asked to fill for an item of a given content type. At the moment when, for example, deciding which slots to add to a new template for a content type, you have to open every existing template for that content type to see what is already in use.

My suggestion is a new subfolder inside each content type in the Content Design tab, called something like “Associated slots”. You wouldn’t be able to drag-and-drop slots into this folder, but then there are already lots of things in the Workbench you cannot drag-and-drop to.



Agreed - this functionality was available in versions earlier than Rx 6 as you could check which slots were assigned to a CT by using the System tab in the Content explorer. Although I love the new-style workbench, some of the good bits of the System tab seem to have got lost in the improvements.