Workflow: Approve or Archive options

Currently, there is no way to archive more than 2 pages at once, per client’s request.

Below is a mockup of how to add Approve or Archive options. Simply checkbox each page(s) then select Approve or Archive to Apply. Boom! Volia!

I think this will be super easier and save a lot of time.


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 Aaron, Great suggestion!  Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

Adding more functionality to the pages/assets by status gadgets in general would be great. It would be so great to have mass-submit on assets, for instance.

oh man I would loooooove this functionality.

Any progress on this? 

That would be SO AWESOME!!! Can you all make this a priority in the next update??

Ayanna, We’ve made this an improvement aimed for the release of 8.0. It is not slated for our next update (5.4).
Thanks very much for the continued interest on improving CM1!

Awesome and thank you Chris! It is pain to archive 86 pages manually without having that awesome feature.

And welcome Chris to Percussion.