Workflow Bypass straight to Approved/Publish

Is it possible to create just one level of Workflow and not have the Draft, Review, Approved levels?

I’m going to be performing a mass site migration from our old site to this new site, and there will be a lot of users all of which will be authorized to publish, and the different workflow levels, I feel, would be a unnecessary work at this point in the web site migration process.


We don’t use the workflow at all in our setup. I’ve made all of my site masters “Editors” so that they have rights to publish pages without having to go through the workflow.


You can set up your roles to have permission to bypass the submit and review steps to either Approved or Publish a page. You can set your Editor (and/or Contributor) roles to have these permission in your sites workflow view or you can assign all the Users you want to have these permissions with the Designer role.

Please take a look at our help doc on workflow. If you have any questions please let me know.