Workflow E-mail Notifications

We’re getting ready to set up course catalog workflows in Percussion, and we need e-mail notifications sent to a specific user in each of the three steps.

Ideally, this is how we’d like for it to work:

Contributor -> Approver (specific user gets e-mail) -> Reviewer (specific user gets e-mail) -> Admin (specific user gets e-mail)

If it’s rejected, of course, that user would get an e-mail, and so on and so forth.

The problem is: when we set this structure up in the workflows, e-mails aren’t sent. We know this isn’t an e-mail setup issue, because it does work upon rejecting. They don’t, however, trigger when passing through the steps. We’ve also given the approver and reviewer the required Editor roles to receive e-mails as per the workflow documentation.

Attached are screenshots of our setups. Please let us know how we can get these working correctly.

Hi Matt,
That’s strange that the emails are getting sent only when pages are rejected, is this only happening with the “Workflow Test 2” workflow, or the default workflow as well?

Just Workflow Test 2. That’s the layout we’re going to use. There’s actually going to be dozens of Workflows like it when it’s all said and done.

I’ll try the default workflow, though, and see if e-mails work there.

Confirmed that this is also happening with the default workflow, which I’ve set up to match Workflow Test 2. Except with this one, I’m not getting any e-mails.

Hi Matt,

Can you confirm that the notification does get triggered when you either Submit a page from Draft into the Review state, or reject a page from Approved back into the Review state? If so, this sounds like you may be experiencing a known bug that affects notifications for the Draft and Approved workflow states. We are tentatively targeting a fix for this issue in our next major release, slated for later this month.


Sure. Is that something I can see in a log file somewhere?

This is an e-mail I got letting me know I had the wrong address in an e-mail field, which nonetheless confirms they are triggering:

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To confirm, this is only triggering for items put into the Review state, correct?

I think so. Then again, it seems most do come through, though I can’t pinpoint why some and not others. I did get 100+ e-mails today when we tested the workflows, so that is definitely a good sign.

Let’s hold off on this for now, though. We have a Catalog Training for users tomorrow, but won’t necessarily need e-mails for it. After the training, we’ll continue narrowing down why some aren’t being sent.

Sounds good, Matt. Keep me posted.

I want to confirm that reject workflow e-mails are working properly.

My main concern is submit and approve e-mails. Let me clarify what we’re looking to accomplish.

We have multiple steps for our workflows. For example, most workflows are structure in this way:

Contributor -> Approver -> Reviewer

What we’re looking for is an e-mail sent to the Approver once the Contributor submits their changes. Is this possible?

Likewise, once the Approver approves their step, we’d like for the Reviewer to receive an e-mail. Is this possible?

Both the Approver and Reviewer roles are specifically set to a single person. By doing it this way, will we be narrowing down the e-mail to that person only?

The reason I ask this is because these particular steps seem to be hit or miss when it comes to e-mails. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Not really sure why.


Your first objective here, of having an email notification triggered when a content contributor Submits a page from Draft to Review, is fully functional and very common. Have you had any trouble with this particular workflow transition not triggering an email? If so, we can take a closer look into your workflow setup.

Beyond that, however, we are currently working on a bug where transition notifications are not being created in the system for any other type of transition besides this one and – as far as we can tell – Resubmitting a page from Archive to Draft. We are targeting a fix to address this issue in our next major release.